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KashXpress is a Syariah compliant personal financing-i product exclusively offered to all Malaysian Civil Servants and selected Statutory Bodies and Government Linked Companies (GLC) Employees.

KashXpress is a product by KOPAAS, a Syariah certified credit financing co-operative registered under the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM).

With KashXpress, your dreams can be a reality. Try our free, secure and no obligation online application; you’ll never know how much “Kash” you’re qualified for!

Let’s KashXpress! It’s Fast, Easy and Safe.

KashXpress in A Nutshell


Fast Cash

Easy Process

Secure Management

Personal Financing-i for Your Peace of Mind

We provide financing for different purposes

Personal Financing-i: Medical bills, education fees or whatever it is, we’ve got your back!

Motorcycle Financing-i: Zip through the traffic and feel the wind in your face, but don’t forget your helmet and safety is first!

Furniture/Appliances Financing-i: Upgrade your home furniture and appliances; change is for the better!

Here's How to Apply

Online loan application is as easy; simply submit the required documents, wait for the approval and the monies will be disbursed into the account.


Submit your application online or in-person at our office.


The documents submitted to us will be handled with strict confidentiality.


Once your aplication is approved, disbursement of Kash is immediate! A

Not sure how to get started? Let us help you.

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