Personal financing-i exclusively for government employees

Get your Kash as Xpress as possible!

Not sure how to get started? Let us help you.

KashXpress is Syariah-compliant Personal Financing-i exclusively for Malaysian Government Employees

Probably the fastest & easiest way to get Kash!

Getting a conventional personal loan can be a real challenge, but it’s different with KashXpress! At KashXpress, we simplified the process to make financing fast and easy! Whether it’s to help pay for education or medical fees, or to purchase a motorcycle or even home appliances – our financing schemes come in handy in many ways. So look no further, because KashXpress will help you achieve your goals.


Home renovations, wedding expenses, or a long overdue vacation? 

But you’re short on Kash. Get instant Kash now with low repayments starting from as low as RM95 per month, there’s no reason to say no to KashXpress!


Tired of getting stuck in traffic, driving around and around looking for a parking spot? 

A motorcycle may just be the solution for you. With low repayments starting from as low as RM80 per month, owning a motorcycle is easier with KashXpress!

Home Furniture & Appliance Financing-i

Dreaming of a bigger flat screen TV? Or just a comfy king size bed?

These items can cost a lot of money. Worry not! Have all these with low repayments starting from as low as RM60 per month. So let’s get shopping!

How it works you ask?

It's fast, easy and secure


Submit your application online or in-person at our office.


The documents submitted to us will be handled with strict confidentiality.


Once your aplication is approved, disbursement of Kash is immediate!

A few things you’ll need when applying today

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